Born and raised in Reggio Emilia; a small town in Northern Italy, it was inevitable that Danielle Campani would fall in love with culture, food and all things art-related.


Her education began in Montreal where she delved into the world

of fine art photography, later deciding to return to Vancouver to attend the Commercial Photography program at Langara College. Danielle works to combine both the technical and conceptual skills she has learned throughout the years, to create beautiful and professional looking photographs.







As an in-house photographer and marketing director for the family-owned Saba Cafe and Bistro in Fort Langley, B.C., she is familiar with creating personalized, unique, and marketable imagery for small businesses.


On the rare occasion Danielle is found cameraless, she can be spotted in the nearest forest, dance studio, or holding a steaming cappuccino in hand. Combining her deep appreciation for the arts and her passion for inspiring a more eco-friendly society, Danielle is perpetually working up new concepts and photoshoots to raise awareness about society’s environmental impact.


Influenced by street photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, Danielle aspires to capture people in the most genuine, personal and documentary style. Whether she is photographing a headshot, a dancer, food or anything in between, Danielle is passionate about visual storytelling and will work with you to create photographs and an experience that is true to you as an individual.

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